9 Things That Every Student At Loma Has Done

Point Loma Nazarene University is an amazing place with a unique view yet homogeneous culture. And although people can be different from one another at times, there are a few things everyone at Loma has done during their time here. So here are nine things every person at Loma has probably done during their time at PLNU.

1.) Taken Sunset Selfies.

photo 1 (1).JPG

2.) Gotten a Burrito From Adals/Ortiz's.

photo (2).PNG

3.) Skipped Chapels, then later on rushed to finish them.

photo 4.JPG

4.) Complained about Caf Food.


5.) Said "Hi" and smiled several at people on Caf lane without knowing who they were.

photo 2.JPG

6.) Petitioned a Chapel or paid a chapel fine.

photo (1).PNG

7.) Got a ring before spring.

photo 3.JPG

8.) Used the tuition price as an excuse to why you should take food or dishes from the Caf.


9.) Complained about transferring, but never actually followed through.


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